September 5th and 6th – are “lucky days for employment”

I spent the last two days reworking my resume, writing cover letters, and searching for new jobs. The process wasn’t easy, but it turned out to be much more rewarding than I thought. Having to come up with positive attributes about myself was a great exercise to boost my self-esteem. It also helped me dispel myths that I’ve created for myself about my last job also known as, “the worst job ever,” or TWJE.

At TWJE, I did grunt work for a company in hopes that my position and the company would grow into something better. The company had plenty of potential, but none of the organization, drive, or leadership to make it happen. From the self-righteous tyrannical boss who threatened to fire someone new every day, to the mean-spirited employee who liked to call people offensive names at companywide meetings – this organization defined unprofessionalism. I suffered two years at this place, not because I couldn’t find another job (in fact, I wasn’t even looking), but because I was punishing myself for something completely unrelated.

What I learned:  Forcing myself to reframe TWJE in a more positive light helped me see that despite the demoralizing experience, I did gain some useful skills.  I was able to try out new things, take on leadership roles on (doomed) projects, and best of all, fail without any real consequences.  I had nothing to lose at TWJE and lived fearlessly. It’s not likely that I’ll get to experiment as much at my next job, so I’m glad that I had the opportunity to do so at TWJE.