October 1st to 2nd  – “Do a short run or walk on the 1st. If feeling lackluster, know that the 2nd will be better.

I forgot to read my horoscope until the end of the day, so I didn’t get any exercise on the 1st. Ugh! I already missed 2 days before that which means I missed 3 days in a row! Noooo!

One habit I try to stick to is to not skip exercising for more than 2 days in a row. I count walking (at least 3 miles at a time) as exercise as well, so it’s usually not hard too follow. I find that when I do miss 2 days, it is more difficult to get back into the swing of things. It’s easy to start coming up a variety of excuses as to why I can’t make my work out happen, and I know that I’m not alone in this!

I know many people who struggle with getting into a regular exercise schedule. The most common reason I hear is, “I don’t have time.” The reality is that it’s rarely a real time issue, but rather, a commitment issue. Some days I do commit to exercise, other days, I don’t. I could use the time excuse, but it’s pretty hard to convince myself that I had to spend two hours binge watching The Real Housewives (I have a love hate relationship with reality TV that I’ll tell you about later).

Despite the 3 day break filled with afternoon naps and episode after episode of bad reality TV, September 2nd did go much better. My work horoscope instructed me to send out resumes that day so I spent the morning working on two applications. After submitting them it was easy to REWARD myself with a 5 mile jog and stretch my muscles outside. It’s amazing how quickly my perspective changed in the course of  24 hours and how well the 2 horoscopes worked together.

That’s another win-win for me and the horoscopes!