July 19th – Content yourself with just working like crazy around your own home. Bet you’ll find quite a few things to get done, too.”

The garden was neglected for almost an entire week. I had disappeared for a few days for work and a short trip to Minneapolis.

There’s a big Scandinavian population there and I got to try their cuisine.

Herring with cucumbers, fermented apples and potatoes in buttermilk sauce


Kropkakkor (dumplings)


Salmon GravlaxIMG_9152[1]

There’s also a big bunny population there.


I arrived a day too late and found out that there was a Weird Al burlesque.



By the time I returned home to tend to my garden, these giant things showed up.


My partner watered the plants while I was away, but didn’t harvest anything.  I was only gone for 6 days! There’s no stopping zucchini’s once they start growing. I found quite a few things to do in the garden today.