July 9th – “All kinds of dynamic partnerships become a priority over the coming six months ruled by this [new] moon, as does spending more time in your own town or city.”

For the 3rd time in the past 30 days, the streets near work have been closed down by the police.

The first time was for a hit and run. A pedestrian died while walking his dog across an intersection that I use regularly.

A week later, the Golden State Warriors won the championship and there was a parade to celebrate.


It was nice to see people out on the street for a happy event, but I couldn’t help remembering what happened not too long ago.  

On Friday, there was a huge fire at a construction site near work. It displaced about 700 residents in the neighborhood and closed down the streets for the entire weekend.  

It would be silly for me to think that these are all signs that I need to quit my job sooner rather than later.  No, the world doesn’t revolve around me! I’ve already stayed a year too long and it’s time for me to go.

I have been actively been pursuing opportunities near home and have a few things in the works. It’s going slow, so I better get started on those partnerships my horoscope keeps bringing up. The sooner I move on, the more time I’ll have to make cat beds for Little Rooks!