September 29th, “Trust your instincts today and know when to say no. It’s too easy to pig out.”

It’s uncanny that my FoodScope seems to know everything about me! This slice of cake was calling my name at work.


I already devoured its siblings two days ago, but this lone blueberry chiffon cake from Paris Baguette survived. I don’t like seeing food go to waste and was very tempted to eat it. However, my FoodScope said, “no,” and rightly so.

Last night, I had two giant slices from this whipped cream wonder.


I know that it’s not, but to me, this is the “healthiest tastiest cake” out there. The lightly sweetened egg sponge is light and fluffy and filled will fresh fruit. I could have easily had another piece this morning!

The afternoon before that, I had this mocha masterpiece. I didn’t take a picture, so I recreated it for you.


My instinct was telling me that I needed a cake break.