January 26th – “After a few days of binge eating, a little exercise may be in order.”

Oh, how does my horoscope know when I’ve been lazy and gluttonous?!

I exercise regularly, but haven’t been doing as much as I could given the number of hours I lay on the couch, work on the computer, and read in bed. Today, I decided to jog a little further and extend my run past an hour. I only went 65 minutes, but that was still better my usual 45 minutes.

The latest study I heard is that it’s better to work out for 75 minutes straight 2 times a week rather than do multiple shorter work outs. I’m not sure if this applies to cardio, weights, or both. I don’t follow trends and scientific experiments like these because they often claim that their latest study has discovered the magic formula to a healthy body. The assumption behind many of these cases is that there is ONE method of exercising that fits everyone. That’s just nonsense! Each person has different genetic makeups and lifestyles. What works for one person may not for another.

While I do not take these studies blindly as truth, I do think there is an added benefit to working out past one hour. According to some other study that I have no citation of, that’s when your body starts burning fat. I don’t know if that’s true. What I do know from experience is that my body feels different if I engage it longer than an hour. I’m still going to do my short workouts, but I will extend a couple of them to get the added benefit of feeling more energized.

Now that I have specific writing projects to work on, it’s even more important that I pay attention to my health. I have realized that what makes goals (of any kind) difficult is that it’s often not just about completing tasks or steps to achieve a specific goal. It requires a lifestyle change. I don’t see writing as a “goal” but rather a new element that I want to bring into my life. For me, that doesn’t only mean reading and writing more, but also taking better care of myself so that I can accommodate those changes. When I’m at my physical best, my mind works wonders!

December 12th – “You might be so stuck in your head that you fail to notice early warning signs of a minor health problem that could interfere with work.”

Have you ever heard of “computer body”? It’s what your body turns into when you use the computer all day.  It is bad posture, neck and back aches, and weak muscles from not moving around!

This weekend, I spent hours on the couch reading and watching the new season of Fuller House, so not only do I have computer body, I also have couch body.

Now that I’m trying to take my new writing project more seriously, it means that I’m spending more hours hunched over my computer or a book. It helps that I have a standing desk both at work and at home, but that’s not enough.

Moving around and keeping circulation going is essential for everyday life!

At my desk, I did mini stretches and exercises. I have no shame and don’t care how I look in front of others. Isn’t my health more important?!

Here are some things I do that help me. I do all of these very slowly except for number 4.

  1. Shoulder rolls
  2. Neck rolls
  3. Half Windmills/Arm Rotations (Put your hands on your shoulder and make full rotations). This is great for people with shoulder injuries. Full rotations with your arms fully extended put extra weight and stress, so this is a better option. This is probably the BEST should/arm stretch that I do. The effects are immediate!
  4. “Raise the roof” motions. You might feel silly about this, but after a minute or two, your arms and should will warm up nicely!
  5. Plies
  6. Rond de Jambe
  7. Attitudes Only if you have space!

For anyone who spends too may hours at your desk, I highly recommend standing desks. It encourages you to move around and fixes some of the bad posture issues that come with sitting in chairs. The best part is that you don’t have to spend any money to get one!

I do have a fancy standing desk at work, but at home I have a make shift one by putting an old bench on top of my desk. Before that, I used a plastic storage bin and cardboard box! The options are endless!