February 22nd – “Don’t be afraid to overcommit yourself to something you believe in.”


Commitment isn’t scary. It’s only scary when I overcommit myself to things that I don’t believe in. Haven’t you done that once, twice, or a hundred times before? Are you doing it now?

It’s interesting how often we commit ourselves to jobs, relationships, lifestyles, and ideas that we don’t believe in, all without fear. It’s too easy to do, and there are many reasons why we do it.

One of my theories is that when we fail at something we don’t believe in, we don’t really fail. I have often told myself, “I didn’t care about that anyway. It means nothing.” When we do this, we don’t take responsibility for our own misery or happiness. We also don’t give what we believe in a chance to succeed because the thought of failing is scary.

It’s so much harder to fail at something that we do believe in. When that happens the self-talk becomes, “This really REALLY sucks! I wanted to XYZ and I didn’t get it.” And if you want to get super negative, “There must be something wrong with me! I AM a total failure.”

We all know that’s not true because we are still here, so we must be doing something right. Failing does suck, but if we can learn from these experiences, we can bounce back.

Aren’t you tired of not doing what you believe in? I am!

Now that I’ve given myself this quasi-pep talk, I’m ready to overcommit to something I believe in. I’m still working on becoming a different type of writer, so I decided to add book reviews to my website. Click here for the first one! Stay tuned for more reviews!

December 13th – “Utilize your imagination to solve a confusing problem.”

Without imagination, the world would be a very boring place. Imagination brings beauty, art, and magic into our everyday lives. Imagination allows us to travel to any past, present, or future we wish. It helps us see beyond what the concrete world offers us.

Lacking imagination is rare state for me. In fact, having too much imagination is my main problem! When I can see so many great ideas and so many choices that I can make, it becomes difficult to decide on one fantasy to live out.

I’ve been considering three types of writing I want to try out: fiction, non-fiction, and academic. Since logic can’t play a role in my decision making, I have to rely on my intuition. Working on any of these writing projects will yield no financial reward for me. It’s purely for the sake of doing it.

After thinking about this in my head for a couple of weeks, I have not felt any clearer about the situation. I decided that it would be a good time to really let my imagination take over. I went through each scenario in my head to see how these options would play out.


I imagined:

What would I write about?

Who was my audience? How did they look like?

What would my book cover look like?

How would my talks go? What weird questions would I be asked?

Where would I live? Would I be travelling a lot?

Will I have time for baking? What new almond croissant bakeries will I try?

How many more cats would be living with me? What are their names?

What new friends would I make along the way?


Fiction was the form that I most clearly saw myself doing. This is strange because it’s the thing that I have the least experience doing. Perhaps it’s the newness of the situation that I am drawn to. There are no strings attached to this option because I have no idea what I’m getting myself into! However, in this vision, I did see that I would still be doing academic writing. There’s a lot that can be expressed in fiction, but it doesn’t offer me all the tools I want to express myself.

Oddly, in all three of my visions, there was one thing that it all had in common. I didn’t want to do any publicity for my work. It’s not that I have a fear of public speaking. Okay, I still sort of do, but I’ve worked that one out already! No. What I feared was to be a public figure of any sort. I don’t want to be known. I’ve been hiding out and would like to remain that way. It seems that my imagination has helped me see what’s been holding me back. My indecisiveness wasn’t the problem at all.

Until I let go of this fear of being known, I won’t be able to move forward. When I approach things with fear, it stops me from fully investing in what I’m doing. That’s no way to live!  If I’m going to fail, I’m going to fail BIG, knowing that I’ve tried my hardest!

It’s amazing what a little imagination can do. I never know where my imagination will take me and it has not disappointed me yet!