October 1st – Is an auspicious time for “decorating the home”

Today I tackled my cabinet project. Over a month ago, I purchase an old painted cabinet from Goodwill to repurpose for my bathroom. I’m a fan of Flea Market Flip and have fantasized about doing my own upcycle projects for a while. This was the perfect opportunity!  Of course, TV makes these makeovers look so fast and easy. With the help of professionals and access to any tools they need, viewers are able to see the competitors turn antique barn hooks into a rustic chandelier in the course of 10 minutes. Obviously, my project took much longer.

I didn’t have a team of professionals, but my significant other is Mr. Handy Dandy. He gave me the tools I needed and detailed instructions. All I had to do was pick up red paint and put in a few hours of labor. This was my first time repurposing any type of furniture, so I had a lot to learn.


First, I sanded off the old paint. I had different degrees of sandpaper and was instructed to start with the lowest number first. After the first sanding, I moved up to the higher numbers. If you don’t sand off the old paint, the paint doesn’t have a rough surface to stick on, and it will peel off! I’m glad I didn’t have to learn that the hard way!


Next, I vacuumed and wiped the surface off with a cloth. There were lots of little bits and pieces of paint leftover from sanding and I didn’t want these particles to get trapped in the new paint.

After that, I taped off the knobs and the areas I didn’t want paint on. I didn’t have painting tape and just used masking tape.

dsc06851Then it was time to paint!  I did one coat, let it dry, and SANDED AGAIN before putting on the second coat. This gets the imperfections out and helps the second layer of paint stick. I was too lazy to paint the inside so I left it brown. This matched my color scheme, so I didn’t mind.

Finally, I screwed the door back on and was done!


I think it looks great with my crazy cat lady shower curtain.


dsc06856My tips for first time painters:

  1. Buy the right type of paint for your project. My cabinet needed to be waterproof so I got semi-gloss.
  2. Sand your piece well before painting.
  3. Start with the coarsest (lower number) sandpaper, then move up to finer (high number) grades.
  4. Make sure you sand the edges of the doors/openings really well. It will be difficult to open if you don’t! The person who painted before me painted the drawer without sanding, so it was closed shut. It was useless to me, so I painted over it
  5. Clean off the paint particles with a vacuum or cloth
  6. Tape down anything you don’t want to get paint on.
  7. Paint at least 2 layers.
  8. Sand in between layers to get an even finish.