July 20th – “Mars bolts into Leo, heating up your tenth house of career and long-term planning until September 5. “

Retirement is not in my cards. I was 100% sure of that even before I went for my tarot reading last November. I once told the 401K manager at work that I didn’t plan on retiring. I’ve never forget the horrified look on his face.

Even when I am not getting paid to work, I work. There’s always some project in the back of my mind that I’m thinking about. Hey, thinking is work too!  The tarot reader said she saw 2 books in my future. My prediction is that I’m going to go (yes, I mean die) when that second book is finished. I don’t even have one book yet, so I have a few years left.

Since I’m not going any time soon, it would be wise for me to figure out what my next career move will be. After all, I do have bills to pay. It’s a real shame that I don’t want to get married because the stars do say that I could be financially supported by such a union!  My resume and CV have not been updated in awhile, so I brainstormed some ways to start padding it.

Brainstorming is easy. It’s choosing what to focus on that’s difficult. Although I’m no closer to figuring out what my big picture plan is for the future, I have determined one thing. I cannot work in isolation. All the options I’ve written down involve interaction with people, and lots of them.

This goes contrary to how I have been behaving. I’ve been playing an introvert for 2 years and I’ve reached the limit. If I don’t start dealing with people, I may end up lifeless, grumpy, and unappreciative like some of my coworkers.  

Today, my boss brought in this lovely coffee cake crumble chocolate Challah bread from some fancy hipster bakery in San Francisco. It was a nice treat.


Look at the layers of chocolate and dough!


At the end of the day, there was still half left. I don’t think my work environment is right for me. I like to eat, laugh, and enjoy life. If my coworkers are an example of what I have to look forward to as an introvert, I’m tapping out. Give me another slice of Challah bread, please!