June 23rd – “Slow down today — you are right on track and you have nothing to worry about.”

It’s been a busy month. I have a two projects I am working on, so I’ve put the blog aside for the month. I can do two things at once, but not three!

As predicted by my horoscope, June has been a beautiful month for devoting more time and energy to passion projects, learning, and extra-curricular activities.” I’ve been doing all three and I am already experiencing some of the rewards!  

The end of month deadline is closing in on me and there’s still so much work left to do. I started worrying about it yesterday, but today is a different day. So what if I wasted time and worried yesterday? I don’t have to do that today. With each new day comes new challenges, new ideas, and new attitudes. For example, yesterday there was no cake in the office. Today, there was cake in the office.


Is 10:00 a.m. too early to eat cake? I don’t think so!


If cake isn’t a sign to slow down and stop worrying, I don’t know what is!


Tomorrow is the beginning of pride weekend and my boss brought this understated cake to the office. The outside is simple, but the message it conveys is crystal clear. I think there is something for me to learn here.

I have been trying to add more adventure and excitement to my story and I don’t think it needs that. The story is a simple one. It’s not supposed to be a drama filled with twists and turns, betrayals, reversal of fortunes, or evil twins. No, that was never the intent. My tale is about the everyday life of people who are not often seen.  If my story were a cake, I think it would have ten or twenty different colors underneath the vanilla frosting. Thank you for the sweet lesson today, horoscope!


December 1st – “Family members may wake up on the wrong side of the bed today, and the morning could get tense. So treat everyone to breakfast.”

My partner and I spent the night tossing and turning, so we both woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.


Yesterday was my day off from exercise so I got lazy on the couch and ate Lebkuchens. They are super cakey not too sweet German gingerbread cookies and delicious! If you don’t know what it is, click here. I ate them all before I had a chance for a photo! I think I’m going make these this year for Christmas. If you have an easy fail-proof recipe, please shoot me a message: suresignsproject@gmail.com


We were wide awake at 4 a.m. It was late for him and a little early for me. We usually have our own routines, but we shared the morning today. I took this opportunity to leave the house sooner to give my partner space to meditate with Mr. Ox and for me to work on my own meditation. I don’t meditate in the traditional sense, but sometimes consider jogging as my form of meditation.

Six miles later, I felt great!

I couldn’t treat my partner to breakfast, so I treated myself. There was a slice of sponge cake waiting for me at work. I should have saved it for lunch, but I didn’t!



September 29th, “Trust your instincts today and know when to say no. It’s too easy to pig out.”

It’s uncanny that my FoodScope seems to know everything about me! This slice of cake was calling my name at work.


I already devoured its siblings two days ago, but this lone blueberry chiffon cake from Paris Baguette survived. I don’t like seeing food go to waste and was very tempted to eat it. However, my FoodScope said, “no,” and rightly so.

Last night, I had two giant slices from this whipped cream wonder.


I know that it’s not, but to me, this is the “healthiest tastiest cake” out there. The lightly sweetened egg sponge is light and fluffy and filled will fresh fruit. I could have easily had another piece this morning!

The afternoon before that, I had this mocha masterpiece. I didn’t take a picture, so I recreated it for you.


My instinct was telling me that I needed a cake break.