September 27th (Part 2) – “motivation zooms” for your workout

If you’re waking up to the sound of the garbage truck, you know that it’s early! I let myself sleep in for another 5 minutes before I hopped out of bed, brushed my teeth, put on my shoes, and bolted out the door. I didn’t even have to change my clothes because I wore my workout clothes to bed last night (which is also a good way to prevent delays in the morning!).

When it’s early like this, I try to get moving as quickly as I can so that my brain can’t register that I want to go back to bed. I usually do things like feed the cats, make my bed, clean, and other physical chores to help my body wake up. Last night, I stayed at a friend’s house and didn’t have anything to do, so my 1 hour walk to the train station was the warm up for the day.

It was pitch black outside, and the air was still warm from the heat wave the night before. This was rare for a city that is known for its fog and summer-less summers. The moon and stars lit my way through the hills and valleys and I was happy for the company. I haven’t appreciated the city much lately, and this was a welcome surprise. The city felt calm, quiet, and mysterious which brought me back to my youth. When I first started jogging the city streets, I didn’t have an IPOD to accompany me. Back then CD players were popular, so it wasn’t very convenient. Instead, I would watch sunsets and sunrises with a gentle chorus of sea lions barking at the wharf. This was where I learned to love jogging. I was constantly challenged crawling up 30% grade hills and rewarded with inimitable views. In the tranquility of dusk and dawn, the problems of the day disappeared  and I was present in the world.