August 12th – “Mercury turns retrograde in the sign of Virgo today…”

You’d be wise to be more alert than usual when it comes to dealings with friends and groups, as well as business income and dealings with business associates….Fortunately, this is a great period for looking back and seeing things in a new way.”

The last time Mercury was in retrograde (back in April and May), things did not go so well. My health deteriorated, I was behind on work, and I had major communication issues with others. This time around, I planned ahead.

Yesterday, I handled all my important business transactions and mailed a signed contract. Now that that’s off my hands, I’m postponing all communication with new contacts until after September 5th when retrograde ends.

The timing is great for me because there are a number of things I want to finish up on before I put myself out there. I’ve made some decisions and haven’t worked out the details yet. This is the perfect opportunity to look back and see things in a new way. It will give me a chance to revisit, revise, and refine the steps I need to take to move forward with my next project.

I’m sure some of you don’t believe in Mercury retrograde effects, but I don’t feel like taking any chances right now. This morning, I went to harvest vegetables in my garden and found a creepy looking tomato. Every year there are some deformities with the tomatoes, but I never imagined I would find one like this:


If this isn’t a sign, I don’t know what is!



July 22nd – “You have big plans—and don’t need to broadcast them. In fact, with fewer people around, you won’t have distractions pulling you off-task.”

I like to talk about ideas with others. It helps me figure things out. I never know what might spark a new idea or perspective. It’s a way of jump starting my brain, to force me to process my thoughts while I am in conversation. However, this is only good for brainstorming sessions. When things start coming together and get serious, there’s no time to talk!

What I’ve learned from working on long term projects is that it’s not a good idea to talk about what I’m doing unless someone is going through the same  process. The bigger the plans, the less it helpful it is to share.

In fact, it can get really annoying when someone asks, “How’s that thing you’re working on going?” And my favorite, “Are you finished?” That one’s the worse!

I know that others mean well and are just trying to to engage. Sometimes I get irritated, but I can’t fault them. After all, I have disappeared for months at a time. It’s only natural that one would be curious as to what I was up to.

With that said, here is some cat pictures.


His bobtail is too cute!


Look at Little Rooks go!


July 20th – “Mars bolts into Leo, heating up your tenth house of career and long-term planning until September 5. “

Retirement is not in my cards. I was 100% sure of that even before I went for my tarot reading last November. I once told the 401K manager at work that I didn’t plan on retiring. I’ve never forget the horrified look on his face.

Even when I am not getting paid to work, I work. There’s always some project in the back of my mind that I’m thinking about. Hey, thinking is work too!  The tarot reader said she saw 2 books in my future. My prediction is that I’m going to go (yes, I mean die) when that second book is finished. I don’t even have one book yet, so I have a few years left.

Since I’m not going any time soon, it would be wise for me to figure out what my next career move will be. After all, I do have bills to pay. It’s a real shame that I don’t want to get married because the stars do say that I could be financially supported by such a union!  My resume and CV have not been updated in awhile, so I brainstormed some ways to start padding it.

Brainstorming is easy. It’s choosing what to focus on that’s difficult. Although I’m no closer to figuring out what my big picture plan is for the future, I have determined one thing. I cannot work in isolation. All the options I’ve written down involve interaction with people, and lots of them.

This goes contrary to how I have been behaving. I’ve been playing an introvert for 2 years and I’ve reached the limit. If I don’t start dealing with people, I may end up lifeless, grumpy, and unappreciative like some of my coworkers.  

Today, my boss brought in this lovely coffee cake crumble chocolate Challah bread from some fancy hipster bakery in San Francisco. It was a nice treat.


Look at the layers of chocolate and dough!


At the end of the day, there was still half left. I don’t think my work environment is right for me. I like to eat, laugh, and enjoy life. If my coworkers are an example of what I have to look forward to as an introvert, I’m tapping out. Give me another slice of Challah bread, please!


July 9th – “All kinds of dynamic partnerships become a priority over the coming six months ruled by this [new] moon, as does spending more time in your own town or city.”

For the 3rd time in the past 30 days, the streets near work have been closed down by the police.

The first time was for a hit and run. A pedestrian died while walking his dog across an intersection that I use regularly.

A week later, the Golden State Warriors won the championship and there was a parade to celebrate.


It was nice to see people out on the street for a happy event, but I couldn’t help remembering what happened not too long ago.  

On Friday, there was a huge fire at a construction site near work. It displaced about 700 residents in the neighborhood and closed down the streets for the entire weekend.  

It would be silly for me to think that these are all signs that I need to quit my job sooner rather than later.  No, the world doesn’t revolve around me! I’ve already stayed a year too long and it’s time for me to go.

I have been actively been pursuing opportunities near home and have a few things in the works. It’s going slow, so I better get started on those partnerships my horoscope keeps bringing up. The sooner I move on, the more time I’ll have to make cat beds for Little Rooks!


March 24th – “It’s perfectly acceptable to rely on your network of friends and associates to connect you with the career opportunities you seek. But they will only send you down the same paths you’ve already been on.”

I laughed out loud when I read the horoscope this morning because it’s true!

A friend sent me the same job posting TWICE in the past few months for a political pop culture website. I was going to tell her this the next time I saw her so we could have a laugh about it or complain about how unrealistic employers expectations are, but today was the perfect opportunity. I had already scoped out this organization before and decided not to apply for any positions for several reasons:

  1. It requires proofreading which I hate.
  2. It’s demanding.
  3. The pay is REALLY crappy. I make about the same amount working part-time for what they’re offering for full-time work! Maybe these organizations are looking to fill their jobs with students/retired folk/the independently wealthy? I’m none of those.

I’m sure that she didn’t see the salaries before she sent the postings to me. I don’t think she wants me to work below the poverty line. Otherwise, I will be freeloading off of her for a long time! I’m already cheap, so I’ll be very annoying if I become even more frugal. Just this week, I gave myself a haircut instead of paying to get it done. I think it looks great, but my friend may think differently!

It’s a real shame that show “Extreme Cheapskates” is cancelled. There was a lady who ate cat food tuna instead of regular tuna just to save 30 cents. This lady was a millionaire, which made it even weirder! That could be me. I can see it now!

Okay, so I’m not going to live out that fantasy in this lifetime. My horoscope also gave me this suggestion:

Welcome advice on the 23rd and 24th. Yes, even unsolicited suggestions. True leaders recognize the value of differing opinions. Don’t follow blindly, but do think about the information.

If you have any advice about anything, including job offers, please do send it my way. I’m welcoming all of it today. I may not act on it, but it could give me some new ideas!

March 13th – “The temptation is there to work less and earn more, but it never works out that way.”


Thank you for the reality check horoscope. I would love to work less and earn more, but I know that it won’t work for me.

I really can’t complain about my current financial situation. Although I’m working less, I am still able to live comfortably. What more can I ask for?

For the last year and half, I’ve been more than happy to work part-time even if that means less money. My expenses have decreased tremendously because I don’t need to pay for convenience. I cook most meals, clean my own home, and when I can, I walk instead of drive. With more time to invest in writing, painting, and trying out a new ice cream recipes, there’s little need to go out and pay for experiences to make life interesting.

Yesterday, I went to a party with my partner. I think this is the 4th time that we’ve hung out with his friends (within the last 5 years). He’s antisocial (but not socially awkward), so we rarely spend a huge chunk of time with others in a social setting. It was the perfect day for a barbeque and I made new human and non-human friends.





Who cares if I’m not earning more. I don’t. Life is pretty good!

February 7th – “The right people will easily buy into your latest brainchild. You have a lot of good energy flowing through you right now.”

Thanks for the boost of confidence, horoscope! That was exactly what I needed today.

For the first time ever, I SUPER over prepared for an interview. It’s not that I was ever under prepared before, but I haven’t tried that hard to make a good impression on anyone in a long time. I don’t think I even worked that hard to get into graduate school or defending my dissertation! Honestly, I don’t know if that’s a good or bad sign.

On one hand, it’s great that I put so much time and energy into getting myself ready for today. A whole week to be exact. It shows that I was committed and took the interview seriously.

On the other hand, what the heck is wrong with me?! Is my self-esteem that low? Did I over prepare because I don’t have any faith in myself? Where did my confidence go?

It’s probably the latter, but I’ll leave that for another day to consider. For now, I’m happy that I went through the process and got an interview. Two years ago, I wouldn’t have done it. That’s good enough for me.

My horoscope has been sending me lots of good vibes this week and is keeping me on my toes. Yesterday it told me to “act quickly,” and I did. I wanted some time off and got a coworker to cover for me. Today, my horoscope advised, “You and your darling have plans — big plans” and we do. We booked a trip to Italy? It’s been five years since we’ve gone away together, so it’s long overdue.

As silly as I think it is, it’s kind of amazing how often my horoscope gives me the messages I want to hear. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, it may seem like my horoscope gives me good news most of the time. It doesn’t. I get my fair share of warnings like “better stay away from others today because you’re in a mood” (which it does get right most of the time!). I just choose to write about the good stuff or turn the negative predictions into “teachable moments.”

I want to attract good energy and what better way to do that than to put positive energy out there. Here are some positive thoughts that I send to you, dear reader: You are intelligent, creative, and have really good taste in reading!  =)

December 12th – “You might be so stuck in your head that you fail to notice early warning signs of a minor health problem that could interfere with work.”

Have you ever heard of “computer body”? It’s what your body turns into when you use the computer all day.  It is bad posture, neck and back aches, and weak muscles from not moving around!

This weekend, I spent hours on the couch reading and watching the new season of Fuller House, so not only do I have computer body, I also have couch body.

Now that I’m trying to take my new writing project more seriously, it means that I’m spending more hours hunched over my computer or a book. It helps that I have a standing desk both at work and at home, but that’s not enough.

Moving around and keeping circulation going is essential for everyday life!

At my desk, I did mini stretches and exercises. I have no shame and don’t care how I look in front of others. Isn’t my health more important?!

Here are some things I do that help me. I do all of these very slowly except for number 4.

  1. Shoulder rolls
  2. Neck rolls
  3. Half Windmills/Arm Rotations (Put your hands on your shoulder and make full rotations). This is great for people with shoulder injuries. Full rotations with your arms fully extended put extra weight and stress, so this is a better option. This is probably the BEST should/arm stretch that I do. The effects are immediate!
  4. “Raise the roof” motions. You might feel silly about this, but after a minute or two, your arms and should will warm up nicely!
  5. Plies
  6. Rond de Jambe
  7. Attitudes Only if you have space!

For anyone who spends too may hours at your desk, I highly recommend standing desks. It encourages you to move around and fixes some of the bad posture issues that come with sitting in chairs. The best part is that you don’t have to spend any money to get one!

I do have a fancy standing desk at work, but at home I have a make shift one by putting an old bench on top of my desk. Before that, I used a plastic storage bin and cardboard box! The options are endless!

November 20th – “It’s a good day to accomplish your goals if you don’t let yourself let go of them first.”

It’s easy to give up on goals.  There’s a million excuses one can make, but sometimes certain goals are not worth having.

To be honest, I don’t really care about (career) goals at the moment. As a former over achiever, I’m happy to do less and accomplish less. There’s nothing wrong with slowing down and smelling the flowers for a change.

I was ready to let go of today’s goal of submitting a job application that I felt lukewarm about. However, my horoscope advised me not to and I already ignored my fitness scope for the day. I didn’t think it would be wise to snub ALL my predictions for the day. I’ve already learned the hard way!


With that out of the way, I worked on my second predication of the day.

Power comes from being open to new ideas. When confronted, don’t resist. Consider.”

It was too late to go out in the world today, so I started on Sleight of Hand by Peter S. Beagle. It’s a collection of short stories and it didn’t disappoint.


In “The Rock In the Park,” two kids help a family of centaurs (NOT pictured above!) who are lost in modern day Bronx. Using a magical brush created from hairs from the centaurs’ tails, a boy draws a map which will lead the centaurs to Mexico where their fellow centaurs have already migrated to for the winter.

The story made me wonder about all the things that I miss when I’m “too busy” and not paying attention. For all I know, there could be centaurs, unicorns, and other magical creatures hanging around my jogging trail at night. I’m not outside often enough to know what really goes on out there. Heck, they might be there right now, and maybe I just can’t see any of them!


November 13th – “Beware of self-fulfilling prophecies, especially unconscious ones.”

Self-fulfilling prophecies are the worst because there’s no one to blame but yourself!

I don’t really like this ominous zodiac prediction, but it’s probably giving me good advice. Hey, it can’t be rainbows, kittens, and butterflies every day!


I would not like to scold my future self, so I took time to think about my thoughts and actions. I asked, “What am I doing unconsciously to sabotage myself?”

I’ve been juggling a lot recently and the coming week won’t be any easier. I usually work part-time, but next week, I’ll be at the office full-time. I’ve been telling myself that I won’t be able to get any non-work work (i.e. painting, baking, and all the other fun stuff) done because I won’t have time. I better change my attitude and not throw in the towel before the week has even started!

To help me accomplish all my non-work work, I’m going to make sure that I sleep well, get plenty of exercise, and have a specific focus each day. I usually hate schedules, but I’ve been so frazzled that I need a plan.

Monday – Submit Application

Tuesday – Painting

Wednesday – Baking

Thursday – Submit Application

Friday – Painting

Saturday & Sunday – Article, Reading

My revised self-fulfilling prophecy: I’m going to be a ROCKSTAR next week and get all my projects done on time AND have fun doing it!