May 10th – “The year’s only full moon in your sign happens today…Come out of hiding, stop procrastinating on that big reveal, chase your dreams without a net!”

Today was supposed to be the BEST DAY OF THE YEAR for me. Lucky Jupiter was in my sign!

The night before, I got to sleep for 12 full hours. I was well rested and ready for the day.

I did my chores early and still had some of the morning left before the afternoon sun.

I have been feeling uninspired trying to write on my computer, so I picked up a notebook and did things the old fashioned way. 10 pages later, I was relieved. I can still write after all!


Maybe the pages came from the makeshift altar I put next to me while I wrote in bed. Who would’ve known that the secret was to light a candle next to my writing rock, fresh flowers, and a stuffed meerkat. I don’t know much about candles, writing rocks, or flowers. If anything is magical, it must be meerkat. Maybe I was able to write because it was my best day of the year. Who knows.

I decided that it would be beneficial write longhand every day, even if it’s only for a few pages.  I’m only on the first draft and all ideas need to be written no matter how juvenile, stupid, uninteresting, offensive, angry, or crazy I might find it later. I need all the inspiration I can get and computers really do suck when it comes to that.

Typing and writing are completely different things. I thought I could save time by putting everything on my computer, but the reality is the opposite. Typing takes longer because I constantly second guess myself. Whenever I type, I can quickly delete and change things as I go. That’s a problem for those like me who have an indecisive and perfectionist mindset!  Writing long hand keeps things going without hesitation. It was just the exercise that I needed.

At the end of my best day of the year, I was rewarded with homemade crepes filled with Greek yogurt and freshly picked strawberries from my garden. The best part was that I didn’t have to make it!



April 28th – “Well, life’s messy, and at least a mess is interesting.”

Mercury in retrograde has been causing many things in my life to be messy. I don’t know if it’s true, but for now, I’m going to blame it for the poor luck I’ve been experiencing!

I broke 6 dishes, spent a lot of money, got bitten by ton of mosquitoes, failed on tried and true recipes, didn’t do much writing, and got jury duty. I’ve only received jury duty once before, so for me it’s very unlucky! My mind has been more scattered than usual, so overall, it hasn’t been a great month.

There is about a week left of Mercury in retrograde (May 3rd to be exact), so I’m going to give in to it. I’m not making any plans to do anything new. There’s no sense in fighting it. If things get messy, so be it. The only thing I can hope for is to get a good story. So far, there hasn’t been anything noteworthy to mention.

Oh, I forgot about this: I thought I was going to get mugged/assaulted last week. Nothing happened, but I was creeped out and it takes a lot to scare me. I grew up in the city and have walked some of the seediest streets in the bay area. Usually my fast walking speed and directness (I have no problem telling strangers, “I don’t want to talk to you”) deters people. This particular incident encouraged me to get the pepper spray because the guy was hanging out at my uncovered parking spot watching me, and trying to get in my way. I will be returning to that space regularly and don’t want to take my chances.

I should consider myself lucky. Recently, two of my friends had to deal with the police because of random people harassing them. Another one was riding the train and a stranger punched her in the face for no reason. It’s like all the freaks are coming out at the same time. Yes, I am very lucky.

Mercury in retrograde sucks.

What is good to do when Mercury is in retrograde is to take care of unfinished business and get rid of old stuff (both real and metaphoric). I’ve been chucking things into my donation pile. That’s the easy part. The hard part is finishing those chapters. At this point, I don’t mind working hard. It’s much safer to stay at home than to be out in the world!