January 5th – Unleash your inner turmoil into a constructive channel. Simone de Beauvoir wrote, “Art is an attempt to integrate evil.”

Art comes in many forms. When we put care, effort, and intention into what we’re doing, it has great potential to become art. Art can be ephemeral like a song, only to be enjoyed when played, concrete like web that a spider weaves, or abstract like an idea that changes how people think. Art surrounds us all the time. As much as critics would like us to think so, critics are not the ones who determine what art is. We do!

Art can be inspired by great moments of joy, pain, and even everyday monotony. This year I practiced the art of cat watching by observing interactions between my felines and their visiting friends who come to explore my ever growing catnip bush. It’s very fascinating! I didn’t experience any significant turmoil yesterday as my horoscope suggested, but I did have a busy day. Doing something creative after work was just what I needed.

I had dutifully followed my foodscope for most of the day. It advised, “Delicious it’s not, but keeping yourself healthy is worth it!” After a day of eating quinoa and vegetables, I didn’t feel too guilty about making these miniature edible art pieces.

Two Bite Kolackys



It’s a simple dough of flour, cream cheese, and butter. I didn’t have any more honey sweetened jam at hand so we used the regular stuff. It’s not the best thing that you can make, but certainly not the worst thing either!

Recipe is here.