Book Reviews


The Guest Cat  by Takashi Hiraide is simple story about the relationship between a couple and a cat named Chibi. Nothing exciting really happens in the story and that’s precisely the point. Our lives are made of many moments, some of which are dramatic, but most of them are mundane and routine. The world is filled with so much life that if we stop to notice the world around us, to literally “stop and smell the roses,” we don’t need much else to be happy. The author pays attention to these details and describes the many plants and bugs in his garden, the comings and goings of Chibi, and the interactions with his neighbors. His life just seems to happen within this larger world. The author reminds us that we do not exist alone, that we are connected to something far greater than our own interests. Nothing is permanent, so take time to appreciate those moments, especially the small ones.

Who will like this book: cat lovers, writers, Buddhists-minded folk, those who appreciate the aesthetics of the everyday, international book readers