May 11th – “Skip the cooking and go to a raucous Tex-Mex joint for enchiladas and mucho chili verde!

There aren’t any Tex-Mex joints in my area, but we do have plenty of Californian Mexican food. Here, we just call it Mexican food. Many Californians know that it’s probably a far cry from what they serve in Mexico, but Cali-Mex just sounds weird!

It’s been months since I’ve gone to a burrito joint, so I had no problem following this horoscope.

My friend got tacos and I got a burrito.



The burrito doesn’t look very appetizing, but I promise you it was. I was too busy finishing the entire thing (tortilla included) in one sitting to get a better shot! I got a super burrito so it was filled with all the fatty extras: guacamole, cheese, and sour cream.

I think I may do this more often!

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