May 10th – “The year’s only full moon in your sign happens today…Come out of hiding, stop procrastinating on that big reveal, chase your dreams without a net!”

Today was supposed to be the BEST DAY OF THE YEAR for me. Lucky Jupiter was in my sign!

The night before, I got to sleep for 12 full hours. I was well rested and ready for the day.

I did my chores early and still had some of the morning left before the afternoon sun.

I have been feeling uninspired trying to write on my computer, so I picked up a notebook and did things the old fashioned way. 10 pages later, I was relieved. I can still write after all!


Maybe the pages came from the makeshift altar I put next to me while I wrote in bed. Who would’ve known that the secret was to light a candle next to my writing rock, fresh flowers, and a stuffed meerkat. I don’t know much about candles, writing rocks, or flowers. If anything is magical, it must be meerkat. Maybe I was able to write because it was my best day of the year. Who knows.

I decided that it would be beneficial write longhand every day, even if it’s only for a few pages.  I’m only on the first draft and all ideas need to be written no matter how juvenile, stupid, uninteresting, offensive, angry, or crazy I might find it later. I need all the inspiration I can get and computers really do suck when it comes to that.

Typing and writing are completely different things. I thought I could save time by putting everything on my computer, but the reality is the opposite. Typing takes longer because I constantly second guess myself. Whenever I type, I can quickly delete and change things as I go. That’s a problem for those like me who have an indecisive and perfectionist mindset!  Writing long hand keeps things going without hesitation. It was just the exercise that I needed.

At the end of my best day of the year, I was rewarded with homemade crepes filled with Greek yogurt and freshly picked strawberries from my garden. The best part was that I didn’t have to make it!



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