May 7th – “Let all your casual conversations meander down tangential paths. You could make a breakthrough connection with someone who intrigues you.”

Tangential paths in casual conversations are one of my favorite things to do when meeting new people. I’ve learned from hours of talking to strangers that there is something interesting about everyone. Okay, I have to admit, during some of these hours, I was not sober! 

It’s been awhile, Nov 2016 to be exact, since I’ve put myself in a public situation and introduced myself to people I don’t know. The difference this time was that I didn’t dread the situation. I let go of any expectations and had fun hearing about what others like to do in their spare time and what colors they use to paint their world.

I may be wrong, but I feel like I’m one of those lucky people who makes breakthrough connections with many people. I’m probably no luckier than anyone else. It’s probably just a matter of statistics. The more people you talk to, the more likely you are to find someone whom you really connect with.

I knew it would be a great day because I liked the first person I met. Our conversation only lasted 5 minutes, but the energy was very positive.

In the middle of my day, I met a person whom I connected well in energy, personality, and interest. I didn’t have to explain myself very much. I like those people. We talked about politics and culture, my two favorite subjects. I don’t have her contact information, but I have a feeling that we’ll connect again in the future.

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