March 28th – “Someone is creeping up into your territory — decide now how you want to defend it.”

There were a lot of creatures creeping into my territory today.


In the garden, I was greeted by a little mud colored frog living in some plastic pots that were still muddy from rain. He was the size of a quarter and very cute. I put him in the shade and he hopped out of the pot when I wasn’t looking.


It was not until an hour later after I was done potting the fig and date plants that sprouted into my garden that I noticed the rhubarb. They were doing really well from the excess rain we had over the last few months. The rhubarb had strong stems and plenty of big leaves.


The only thing that didn’t look so good were little holes in the leaves. I knew who the culprit was.


No, it wasn’t this guy.


These shiny pretty beetles have been snacking on my rhubarb plants.


They like eating the leaves and don’t go for the stalks. I don’t mind sharing the leaves with them (because leaves are poisonous to humans and we can only eat the stalk), but the rhubarb will die if it isn’t able to absorb sun from the leaves. The first year the bugs came, they ate most of the leaves, severely weakening the plants. I don’t want that to happen again, so I need to defend my territory.

I can either kill the green beetles with my fingers or spray some neem oil on the leaves. There’s still plenty of neem oil left from last year, so I’ll save the beetle squishing for another day.

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