March 21st – “A new beginning has turned down a familiar path, but surprises are still in store.”

The beauty of life is that it is ever changing. No matter how we may want things to stay the same, people grow old, sunny days turn into cold nights, and what was once new and exciting becomes ordinary and dull.

Last week, I said to a friend that, “Sometimes it feels like I’m going in circles. I came back, not once, but twice to the same job I had 16 years ago!”  I know that I’m not stuck in the same situation.  I’m not the same person I was 16 years ago living paycheck to paycheck trying to make rent. I’m not that miserable soul 6 years ago stubbornly trying to finish my dissertation. So much has happened throughout those years that it would be impossible for me to in the same place.

The new beginning I have chosen for myself involves creative writing. I’m not naturally a good writer. I never properly learned grammar in school and can’t proofread well if my life depended on it.

What I do have is something to say and I’m employing writing as my medium. It surprised me that I would want to do creative writing at this point in life because I had written if off for so many years in favor of more analytical work.

While I working on my story today, it led me down a familiar path of what it felt like to write creatively. It’s been over a decade since I last worked on a significant creative writing project. I’ve been improving my painting and cooking skills this past year, but that kind of creative process doesn’t offer me the same kind of joy that writing does.  Perhaps it’s because I can’t hide my politics behind chocolate cake and sweet kitten faces. No, creative writing seems to bring all of my opinions to the surface. 

I had already outlined ideas for plots for each chapter, but found my mind taking me somewhere else. I didn’t know what would happen next until the words came together. It’s kind of weird, but in a good way. I had no idea that I could surprise myself!

I can’t wait to see where my imagination takes me tomorrow!

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