March 16th – “Finding out why some decisions are harder to make than others is your most important task today.”

I wasn’t sure where to go with this, so I made a list:

  1. Easy Decisions
    1. Limited choices
    2. Immediate results
    3. Determined by myself
  2. Hard Decisions
    1. Too many options
    2. Long term results
    3. Determined after getting feedback from others and/or research

I don’t feel like this has been outside my awareness, so I must be missing something! I don’t know what that is, so I’ve come up with a plan to work through my hard decisions:

  1. Don’t seek/ask for feedback
  2. Reward myself with something immediate
  3. No more Googling! It’s a great tool, but I totally have FOMO now! There always seems to be some other better, brighter way to do something.

Last night, I had a concrete manifestation of my problem. As I was unpacking my trunk, I realized how much chaos happens due to my indecision.

I’m away from home for 3 days and packed 7 days’ worth of clothes. I couldn’t decide what to wear and threw everything in. I thought that it would make life easier, but it’s actually a more difficult. It’s hard to find what I want and it’s a complete mess! Why did I create this extra work for myself?!

Starting today, I’m going to “pack my car” with only what I need.

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