March 1st – “You are directed and focused in the home realm, but your efforts around the house are somewhat less successful.”

Ever since my two cats passed away, my partner’s cat Little Rooks has been acting very strangely. Change is not easy for him and he is also likely depressed. Little Rooks has been staying in a lot and making whiny meows.

Little Rooks is a very skitterish cat. When given the option to “fight or flee,” he usually flees. He’s afraid of a lot of things, but likes to be outside. What’s odd about him is that even though he’s a country cat who usually spends more time outside than in, we’ve never seen him hunt anything. He doesn’t choose to/know how to play and has been that way since kittenhood. He is kind of a Buddha cat.

Now that the other cats are gone, Little Rooks has taken up the role as the alpha cat. He takes guard outside and tries to keep the other cats from entering our yard. When he lived alone, that was not behavior he exhibited. There have been two regular visitors, Reggie, and T.S. Eliot, who have been coming by for catnip and attention. I hope that Little Rooks will becomes friends with them so he won’t be so lonely, but he isn’t budging yet. It took him 2 years to get used to my cats!  Little Rooks does not like them one bit.

Yesterday, I sat outside on my doorstep petting Reggie and T.S. Eliot. T.S. Eliot put one paw into the open door and Little Rooks took notice. He growled and I pulled T.S. Eliot back outside. I scolded myself and thought that I really shouldn’t try to push Little Rooks to make new friends. He’s not ready yet.

The cats left for other adventures and I went back inside. I thought all was well until I stepped into some cat poo in the bedroom. Message received, Little Rooks!



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