February 26th – “A late-season cold snap hits a foul note. Make sure your strawberry crop pulls through the bad weather.”

How did my horoscope know that I had strawberries in my garden?! Very strange!

There has been heavy (flooding type) rain in my area along with cold fronts, so I have not ventured into my garden for a while. Everything is overgrown with weeds filling most of the yard. Some of the weeds have flowers which I think are very pretty.



I checked the strawberry plants and aside from some weeding I need to do, they looked fine. I don’t know if they’ll last another season anyway. One gardener told me that it’s better to plant new ones every year even if strawberries are perennials. We’ll see if these bear any fruit this year.

What I didn’t expect was the romanesco crowns that “suddenly” popped up despite my neglect.


Some of them were already bolting, but they still tasted good! I harvested a few crowns and had them for dinner. There’s nothing like just picked produce for a home cooked meal!

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