February 24th – “Don’t let your friends talk you into buying something you don’t need.”

My lunch time walking buddy declared that Fridays should be $3.00 banh mi and $5.00 flowers day.

I didn’t need either and she didn’t try to persuade me. I was stuck with leftover reject zucchini pasta for lunch today, so I didn’t get the banh mi.

I did pick up this bouquet.


It wasn’t an impulse buy. She informed me about the flowers the day before so I had time to decide.

I like supporting small businesses and this one qualified. I don’t mean that metaphorically (like “mom and pop” stores or “hole in the walls” aka not so pretty places/non-chain businesses. Someone once brought me to a mom and pop store that was the size of a Walmart). It was literally a tiny store. The entire storefront was only 10 x 8 feet! I find it endearing and fascinating when people find ways to maximize use of limited spaces. It’s takes talent and imagination!

I’ve also never gotten flowers for myself before, so I thought I would give it a try. It would be nice to have something pretty at home while I spend most of the weekend inside.

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