February 8th – “Get your household together and have a last-minute purge today.”

When life gets busy, it often gets messy. This weekend, my friends and I are celebrating Galentine’s Day and I am so glad that I’m not hosting it at my place. My house is a wreck. I didn’t have the energy for a big purge, but I did manage to get rid of a few things.


I’ve been collecting these egg cartons for a few months. I save them for a friend who gets fresh eggs from her mom’s farm. I could give them to her every week when I see her, but of course, I don’t do things the easy or logical way. Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve but didn’t!

It didn’t take up very much space in the garage, but now that the cartons are gone, it’s amazing how great I feel! I invested so much energy thinking about them when I didn’t have to at all. Who knew that one simple act could make such a difference?

Well, I sort of did (intellectually anyway), but I don’t always do what’s good for me. I know I’m not alone! How many times have you told yourself that you want to read more, eat less, exercise more, or try harder? I have said this to myself countless times, yet that list of doesn’t seem to get shorter. I’m good one day and terrible the next!

However, all is not lost. I just need to remember that habits may be difficult to create, but certainly not as impossible as I make them out to be in my head.

For tips, check out this article: Why We Don’t Do The Things We Know Are Good For Us.

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