January 3rd – “Get in touch with your ambitions. Big or small, they’re what you should aim for.”

My ambition for the week is to find slightly healthier ways to cook. That means taking out some of that processed sugar out of my food. I ventured down this path years ago when gluten-free, processed sugar-free, and all those other elimination trends were all the rage. Back then, there weren’t very many good recipes out there. In fact, they were flat out disgusting! I abandoned that plan and continued to use regular sugar in my baking.

Now that it’s a few years later and more experience out in the world with cooking with natural sugar, I thought I would diversify my repertoire by trying out new recipes. Here are some of my successes.

Maple Muffins


Recipe is here


Honey Pumpkin Muffins


Recipe is here

The trick to get a fluffy pumpkin muffin is to FOLD in the eggs and pumpkin at the very end. If you mix it in before or over mix, it will become dense. Just fold it in until blended.

Based on my experience with using honey and maple syrup when making muffins/cakes, I think the key is not to over mix. It’s usually best to combine the wet ingredients together, then fold them in until just mixed.

This is what happens when you don’t! They’ll only be good for compost!



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