January 2nd  – “One mistake doesn’t lead to another, except if we don’t learn from it.”

Yikes! I ALMOST missed my deadline today! That would have been a big mistake. I wrote down the wrong date and remembered the wrong date. It was a good thing I didn’t wait until the very last minute like I normally do! I was lucky today, but may not be so lucky next time.

I’m big at procrastinating when it comes to doing my own work. I usually get everything done, but only if there’s a deadline (real or self-imposed). I love efficiency and don’t like to work slowly on projects because it consumes more of my time. When I was younger, I was great at turning out pages of work in one night. The added pressure of the time constraint motivated me and it felt great to it finished. Little did I know that I was just addicted to stress.

If you’re stressed out and want to break the addiction, check out this article from the Huffington post. I had to learn all these lessons on my own because the internet was not so sophisticated 10 years ago. I know I sound so old right now, but I’m really not! Okay, maybe in spirit, but not my body.

It’s too bad I wasted so much time, but the good thing is that I can tell you the strategies do work. I have done every single one of the suggested items on the list (ditching technology, letting go of toxic relationships, detaching, exercising, relaxing, and prioritizing myself) and can say that I’m not so stressed out anymore. If that sounds like a lot to do, the most important one is putting myself first. When I put myself first, all of the other things happen easily and naturally.

To recap, here are the lessons I learned from today:

  1. Double Check My Calendar: Last week, I started using a calendar to transition from doing nothing to doing something. I have at least 3 more deadlines in January, so I better double check the dates I wrote down for those too!.
  2. Submit Things Ahead of Time: It might sound ambitious, but this is probably a smart thing to do for a number of reasons.
    1. It is less stressful to know that I have plenty of time to catch mistakes and make changes.
    2. I won’t feel guilty about doing other things when my work is done.
    3. Whoever is reviewing my material may actually take time to read through it when he/she is not swamped with a hundred other submissions.

For your relaxation, please enjoy this nice scenery. *A special thanks to my friend Frankie who let me use her vacation photos!


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