January 1st – “It costs so little, if anything, to get out and walk, to move around more, to be more active and feel better in all ways.”


The best work out is a free workout! There are plenty of exercises you can do to stay healthy without having to go to the gym. I like the free showers when I’m travelling, but when given the opportunity, I prefer exercising at home or outside.

During my afternoon jog today, I got to breathe fresh air, meet some new dogs, and ease drop on some juicy gossip! Okay, I lied about the last one, but sometimes it does happen.

Here are a few more ways to exercise for free:

  1. Take a long walk. When I’m not feeling my best or don’t have access to a shower facility, I find that walking the same mileage as my run is just as effective. It takes more time, but it requires less stress on your body and you get to enjoy a little more of the scenery.
  2. Jumping. It can be jumping jacks, jump rope, or really any kind of jumping motion. It gets your heart rate up really fast and warms your whole body.
  3. Stretching. You can do this while you watch your favorite show. Half an hour in and you’ll feel super bendy!
  4. Crunches and Sit Ups. They’re tough, so you can do them in four minute intervals during commercial breaks.
  5. Push Ups. I LOVE push ups. If you do them properly, it’s really all the weight lifting you need! It tones your ENTIRE upper body. You’re essential lifting most of your body with two arms, so that’s a lot of weight! The best part is that you only need to do a few sets at day (takes 5 about minutes) 3 to 4 times a week. It’s the best bang for your buck!
  6. Dancing. Doesn’t all music sound better when you’re dancing?

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