December 20th – “It’s time to let go of those things that you think you need to retain.”  


It’s easy to let go of my calendar when I don’t have much going on. I stopped using a calendar 3 years ago and haven’t missed it one bit!

I feel great saying “no” and committing to only a few activities a year. I have so much more time for things that I want to do, and sometimes what I want to do is nothing! That’s right, I’m not driving 2 hours each way to watch you watch your kid.

I’m sure my desire to be less busy has to do with a mix of my own personal preferences, and my natural aversion against blindly following what everyone else is doing. Year after year, I’ve noticed my friends and acquaintances getting busier and busier, and looking unhappier and unhappier. I have theories as to why this is happening, but I’ll save that for a future academic article I could write. This blog is not the place for it! For more reading, check out this article from the Washington Post. It talks about busyness as a marker of social status as well as a few other ideas.

Now that I’m interested in working hard again and putting in some real energy into something worthwhile, it’s a good time bring back the calendar. Coincidentally, my tarot reader just started making planners and she sent me one today! I’m taking this as a SURE SIGN that I should let go of my internal calendar and start penciling in my plans.

If you’re interested the astrology planner I have, you can get a Metaphysican’s Day Planner here.

The great thing about writing things down on a calendar is that I don’t have to retain any of those dates and times. Hopefully that will free up some mental space. The saying that, “if you don’t use it, you lose it” totally applies to me. I still have useless customer account numbers for work memorized, but I’ve lost a lot of my vocabulary! Just like your body loses muscle from not exercising, your brain can atrophy too! Ugh!

One of the words I still remember is anthropomorphic. I think it’s because I like anthropomorphic animals, especially cats!

What’s your favorite fun big word? I know you have one!

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