November 21st – “Don’t! This is only a test.”

Don’t what?

Don’t freak out? Don’t panic? Don’t worry? Don’t be lazy? Don’t talk to strangers? Don’t eat that donut? Don’t think? Don’t do anything?!

This is hands down the vaguest Zodiac predication that I’ve ever gotten!

I don’t like tests, but I’d much rather take a multiple choice exam right now. Life tests are so much harder, especially when you don’t know what the test is about! On the bright side, maybe this test isn’t for me.

A horoscope prediction advised me to,

“Let people live the life they choose to live — even if you think it’s not making them happy.”

Hmm…I’m meeting a few friends tonight, so maybe the stars want me keep my mouth shut. If my friends are being tested, it’s their tests, not mine.

I’ve been doing pretty well at not sharing my opinion. Okay, I admit it. I’ve only been able to do it because I’ve been cheating. I am less bossy and judgmental ONLY because I’ve limited my interaction with others. If I don’t see or talk to anyone, how can I tell them what I think?!

I really don’t want to break my non-judgy streak, so I’m going to use my magic tool.



A little alcohol can help people look younger, sound smarter, laugh louder, and even make the world feel a little better. The effect may only be temporary, but a short term fix is all I need!




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