Today I planned on making mug cakes to thank YOU. If you’re reading this, then, yes, I’m talking to YOU!

I had scheduled a microwave baking night with a friend, but she was swamped with work. Coincidentally, my zodiac did advise me to, “change some deadlines or renegotiate terms.” I should have taken that as a SURE SIGN that mug cakes weren’t going to happen!

Instead, I wrote a poem for you.


Thank You Readers

Big thanks I give to all who read my work

Two months it’s been since I began this blog

On cats, on cakes, and sometimes my artwork

I share it all with you, even my jogs

Typos I’ve made on almost all the posts

But you don’t seem to mind that much at all

I’m glad because I like being your host

Of horoscope stories from big to small

Who knows what future tomorrow will hold

For now I will enjoy your company

And let the words in their slow calm unfold

Into a sonnet to accompany

The thanks I want to show to all of you

I appreciate you, and you, and you!


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