November 15th – “Someone’s going to get pretty bossy today — try to make sure that it’s not you.”

Bossy people are annoying. What’s more annoying is when I’m the bossy person!

Here are some signs of bossy behavior:

  1. Pushing to be helpful.
  2. Insisting they have the best answer.
  3. Pressing you to consider all options.
  4. Interrupting and being outspoken.
  5. Needing to prove they are smarter than you.
  6. Acting driven to be right.

I found this list insightful because it provides a nuanced definition of bossiness that I hadn’t considered before.

I don’t think I was guilty of it today, but when I am bossy, I mostly exhibit bossy sign #3 or #4. I’m not going to beat myself up over this because I don’t know anyone who has not been bossy before. Okay, I do know a few acquaintances who have not shown me their signs of bossiness. However, I have a feeling that during the 99.99999% of the time that they spend outside my presence, they’ve had at least one opportunity to be bossy.

I used to think that my cats boss me around, but it’s entirely inaccurate according to the list above. Telling someone to do something doesn’t necessary mean that he/she is being bossy.  Sometimes people (or in this case, cats) simply want tasks done.

When my cat meows at me by the litter box, there is no psychological motive behind their demand. They aren’t trying to be “right” about something or trying to “prove that they are smarter than me” even if I might think so! Cats simply want the litter box cleaned because it’s dirty!


I’ve been reading What Philosophy Can Tell You About Your Cat again. There’s an article that talks about rationality. It’s interesting that humans try to measure how rational one person is to the next. There’s no point to that. Compared to a cat, I think that all humans are irrational!

At the end of the day, I don’t care who’s right or smarter than me. I just want a clean litter box!

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