November 13th – “Beware of self-fulfilling prophecies, especially unconscious ones.”

Self-fulfilling prophecies are the worst because there’s no one to blame but yourself!

I don’t really like this ominous zodiac prediction, but it’s probably giving me good advice. Hey, it can’t be rainbows, kittens, and butterflies every day!


I would not like to scold my future self, so I took time to think about my thoughts and actions. I asked, “What am I doing unconsciously to sabotage myself?”

I’ve been juggling a lot recently and the coming week won’t be any easier. I usually work part-time, but next week, I’ll be at the office full-time. I’ve been telling myself that I won’t be able to get any non-work work (i.e. painting, baking, and all the other fun stuff) done because I won’t have time. I better change my attitude and not throw in the towel before the week has even started!

To help me accomplish all my non-work work, I’m going to make sure that I sleep well, get plenty of exercise, and have a specific focus each day. I usually hate schedules, but I’ve been so frazzled that I need a plan.

Monday – Submit Application

Tuesday – Painting

Wednesday – Baking

Thursday – Submit Application

Friday – Painting

Saturday & Sunday – Article, Reading

My revised self-fulfilling prophecy: I’m going to be a ROCKSTAR next week and get all my projects done on time AND have fun doing it!

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