November 3rd – “Do not put off the boring stuff just because it’s boring. Get it done as soon as you can — and then you can hang with your favorite people.”

I did a bad thing today. I didn’t follow my horoscope!

I worked most of the weekend and it’s catching up to me now. I had quite a lot of work to do today, but was too tired and unfocused.

Instead, I spent part of the day improving my cat photography skills.

Here’s Mr. Ox meditating on a zafu pillow.


Little Rooks is a manx with a bob tail.


This guy is a neighbor’s cat who has been hanging out in my yard regularly looking for moles to hunt. My partner named her Regina, but we aren’t positive if she’s a he, so I call her “Reggie.”


I think this is a pretty good head shot.


Since I didn’t follow my horoscope today, I suffered the consequences.  I was supposed to meet a friend in the evening after I finished working. I didn’t do any work and he ended up cancelling. I don’t think it was a coincidence at all!

I spent the rest of the night finishing the my Nutella jar and did the work I was supposed to do earlier.


It’s late now and I’m tired.


I swear I’ll never go against my horoscope ever again! Okay, we all know that’s a lie. I think I’ll need to suffer a few more times before I learn my lesson!

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