October 30th – is “another uber-lucky day. It’s time to launch new projects and start your next chapter.”

dsc06956The great thing about horoscopes is that it gives me a lot of encouragement, especially when I need motivation to work on projects. The hard part is keeping up with all the lucky days!

I often find myself scrambling to complete the work I’m doing and am not inclined to start on new projects until the old ones are done. I don’t want the “undone pile” to grow anymore! As a result, I have already MISSED 3 to 4 good days in the last 2 months. I’m not letting today’s auspicious day pass me by. Hey, if my horoscope tells me that I have an “uber-lucky” day, I better pay attention!

I’ve been stuck on a book project because I’m waiting to get some professional advice on purchasing an easy to use program for illustrating books. Much of the humor of my book does rely on the drawings, so I will need to hold off on that until my friend gets back to me.

Meanwhile, I do have another book project that I can start on today. I’ve been gathering “research” over the past 2 years by dutifully watching bad reality television a couple of nights a week. The project doesn’t require illustrations, so I worked on this today.

I had a long drive back into town, so I spent that time thinking/working on my book. It would be wonderful if I could listen to books on tape or learn a new language during all the hours I’m in the car, but I’m not an auditory learner. By the time I got home, I had about 10 ideas for sections in my book. When I opened my computer and started writing, I came up with 33! I guess today was my lucky day!

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