October 29th – “Sometimes the big questions are too hard to answer. They’re the ones worth posing.”

I’m a fan of big questions, but maybe I haven’t been asking the right ones lately.

Recently, I signed up for a creative professional coaching course. I started on the first worksheet today and it asked some big questions, if not the big question that’s been haunting me for a while.

What is your ambition?

My ambition is to be creative. That’s it. I don’t need to be rich and famous, have a million fans, or even get paid. I simply want to be able to express myself creatively.

I’ve always known the answer to this question, but have been struggling with it when thinking about it in relation to work. I have only recently begun to consider my ambition as part of my career and I think that clouded my judgement.

For some people, ambition and job may be directly linked, but it’s important to remember that the two are different. Ambition is what you want out of life, and a job is what you get paid to do. Last month, I made a list of what I wanted from my next job and it might be a good idea to stick to it.

While it would be ideal to do creative work and get paid for it, it has never been essential for me. I’m not sure what led me down that path, but I had been doing pretty well (mentally and financially!) when I didn’t try to combine work and ambition. In fact, forcing the two things to go together makes me feel stressed out, less creative, and like a failure!

Did I really get multiple arts degrees with hopes to make money? No! So why should I let that bother me now?!  Horoscope, you are truly wise!

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