October 11th and 12th – “Get all your ducks in a row prior to launching a new project…You may need to take a step back to see what’s working and what isn’t.”

I’m beginning to think that these horoscope and zodiac readings really are signs! Once again, they pretty much say the same thing. I’ll have to start keeping a tally of how often the two match up.

This week, I investigated ways to get published. I did a pretty thorough internet search, but as usual, the results were varied and gave me more information than I could handle. Oh, how I love and hate you internet!  I did find some “good sources” (i.e. writers who have published more than a few books with well-known companies) and they provided some deep insights into the world of popular publishing. While I appreciated their suggestions, I realized that I was more discouraged than encouraged to know the ins and outs of professional publishing!

Writing and publishing are two very different things, and it helped me see that I needed to work on my material first before worrying about the challenges of marketing or working with a publisher. Eventually I would have to deal with all of that, but for now, I should get all those ideas out of my head and onto paper.  One of the things that I will work on is reading more. The more you read, the better your writing gets. I’ve experienced this first hand and know others who can attest to it as well. I do read a lot now, but lately it has been more of short articles online than books. If I want to write a book, I better start reading books!

I have many unread books on my shelf like Hegel’s Philosophy of History,, but maybe that’s not the best place to start. I like philosophy, but I think I would need to take a class or two (or TEN, let’s get real) to be begin to understand dense works like these. I’m also more interested in writing about popular culture for a larger readership.  This book below caught my attention last week:

What Philosophy Can Tell You about Your Cat edited by Steven D. Hales

It’s actually a collection of essays written by different authors, but it’s still useful to see how these different perspectives can work together to form (or not form) a cohesive book. It is philosophy-lite , so I think I can handle it. From the chapter I previewed online, it’s a great book for cat lovers, but might not be a friendly read for a dog or horse person. Be warned dog and horse lovers, you might find this book offensive!

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