October 6th – “Sometimes the unconscious mind and the conscious mind aren’t on the same page.”

I consider myself to be someone who has self-awareness. The trouble is that even though I am aware of many of my own thoughts, actions, and feelings, there are still more aspects of my unconscious that I am unaware of. That’s part of the process of awareness – to be able to admit to ourselves that we do not know everything! The unconscious is tricky because it’s different for everyone and there are so many schools of thought.

I thought it might be useful to do a quick Google search to see what else I can learn about the unconscious. I found an article on Psychology Today  that was pretty interesting, particularly this section:

Does not process negatives: The unconscious absorbs pictures rather than words. So if you say, “I don’t want to procrastinate,” the unconscious generates a picture of you procrastinating. Switching that picture from the negative to the positive takes an extra step. Better to tell your unconscious, “Let’s get to work!”

I knew about negatives, but I didn’t really think about how the unconscious really only “sees” things. That makes sense because the unconscious is related to dreams. In my dreams I definitely say things and have conversations, but the recollections are really just images. The words that are in my dreams become part of the visual landscape, and do not stand alone as an aural memory.

From now on, I will try harder to use positives when I want to give instructions to my unconscious. Tomorrow, I’ll tell myself:

  1. Let’s wake up early!
  2. Let’s go on a wonderful run!
  3. Let’s do an awesome ab work out!
  4. Let’s get to work on that amazing article!
  5. Let’s finish those pretty paintings!

The exclamation marks make it extra motivating!

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